Zac Efron Plastic Surgery Transformation

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Zac Efron Before And After surgery

Zac Efron has made a remarkable change of appearance in the last couple of years. He is certainly not looking the same as in his teenage years. Now that he has grown up people are starting to become curious if Zac Efron has had cosmetic surgery.

It’s no wonder that people are thinking this. Zac went through such an incredible transformation from his time when he was a teen until now that it makes sense to think Zac Efron had surgery

Zac Efron’s story before cosmetic surgery

The good looking Zac Efron has always been in the news for various reasons. However the media attention that Zac gets these days doesn’t focus exclusively on his qualities as an actor and singer.

After his days as a teenager Zac owes a large part of his fame to his good looks. Good looks almost always go ‘hand in hand’ with gossips about plastic surgery. And Zac is no exception to this.

There are a lot of people who think Zac Efron had surgery to give his career an extra boost. Before Zac became better known amongst the public audience there were already rumors about a possible surgery.

Which kind of surgery is Zac rumored to have had?

The rumors started to became stronger after his years as a teenager. First there were rumors about a chin implant. The reason why this rumor started to spread were mainly because of his jaw.

In the past couple of years Zac’s jaw became a lot more defined. Because of the fact that his jaw became more defined there were a lot of people who assumed that Zac Efron had chin implants. It’s possible to get a more defined jaw as a result of chin implants.

However we don’t think Zac Efron had chin implants. It’s very normal for people and especially for man that when they grow up their bone structure gets a more defined look. This certainly goes for man who don’t have a lot of fat or lost their baby/teenage fat. Therefore we don’t think this story is true.

Zac Efron’s nose job

Zac’s chin isn’t the only point of discussion. Lately there are a lot of critics who claim that Zac Efron had a nose job.

We think the reason for people to believe that this story is true is a lot better than the reason for people to believe the story about his chin implants are true. Especially because Dr. Salzhauer who is a plastic surgeon says Zac Efron may have had a nose job.

When you look at Zac’s photographs then there are certainly indications of a nose job. The shape of his nose is more narrow and his overall nose is straighter. Therefore we believe that Zac Efron may have had a nose job.

In addition Dr. Salzhauer says that the story about the chin implants is probably false, because it’s perfectly normal for a man’s face to get thinner ‘after they left their teenage years behind’.

Last but not least…

Yes, there’s one last weird rumor about Zac that we do want to tell you about. There’s a rumor about Zac that claims that he used steroids in order to get bigger muscles. Kind of weird, don’t you think?

We very strongly doubt that he used steroids to become more muscular. As there’s a lot of risk involved with using steroids. It’s much more likely that he just work-outs a lot, eats healthy food and has a good fitness trainer.

If we had to guess which rumor was true then we would probably go for the story about his nose job!

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