Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery Photographs

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before and after surgery wendy williams

For those of you who have been following Wendy Williams for a while it probably didn’t came as a total shock when she confessed her plastic surgery treatment.

The actress, comedian, author and media personality has personally admitted that she has had surgery.

Whilst most celebrities decide to remain silent about their decision to have surgery Wendy did the opposite. Her decision to admit surgery is something which totally matches with her personality.

Wendy has a no-nonsense personality and is very straight-forward. Maybe that’s the main reason for her decision to confess. Because it totally fits with the image she has.

What surgery enhancements has Wendy Williams had?

There has been some discussions in the media lately about which kind of surgery treatments Wendy Williams has had and which ones she didn’t have. But it’s almost certain that she didn’t just stopped after her first surgery.

Anyone who takes a  look at the before and after surgery picture can clearly see that Wendy has had some kind of cosmetic surgery.

Especially the size of her breasts are just too big to be all natural. Wendy publicly admitted the rumors about her breast augmentation. She admitted the rumor in the year 2009. According to different media sources the size of her breasts after her first breast surgery were ’36 C’. For a woman this is already a quite large size.

It’s uncertain if this was the first time she has had breast augmentation or not. But it probably wasn’t the last time. As her cup size seems to get bigger and bigger every time she appears in the media.

Wendy’s liposuction

If we have to believe what the media tells us then Wendy also has had a liposuction to make her belly flatter. According to these sources Wendy had a liposuction in the months after she gave birth to her son.

It is rumored that she has a tattoo on the place where the plastic surgeon made the cut for her liposuction. This could be a way for Wendy to cover the mark of the cut on her belly…

She did once show the place of her tattoo to the public, but hasn’t admitted that the tattoo had anything to do with a way to cover the marks of a liposuction.

There are even people who claim that Wendy has admitted that she had botox injections to remove the wrinkles on her face. There’s no denying to the fact that her face still looks very smooth for a woman in her fifties. However there’s not enough information about this rumor to confirm it.

The reaction of the public audience

After Wendy admitted surgery in 2009 there were a lot of criticizers who said that she has gone too far with her breast augmentation. The size was just too big and therefore the looks were just too unnatural.

Back in 2009 it wasn’t so common for celebrities to admit cosmetic surgery. So her confessions were the source of a lot of discussion. Although it still isn’t very common for celebrities to admit surgery treatments, there seem to be relatively more celebrities who dare to talk about the subject in the media. Which is of course a good thing!


Wendy’s is obviously a fan of cosmetic surgery. She’s one of the few celebrities who is proud to have had surgery. And that’s something she definitely wants to show with words and her looks as well.

Let alone her breast augmentation, Wendy hasn’t been very clear about her other surgery treatments. “Which surgery treatments do you think Wendy has had?”

We would like to know what you think!

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