The Eva Longoria Plastic Surgery Gossips Exposed

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eva longoria cosmetic surgery before and after

Many people wonder if Eva Longoria has had plastic surgery. If you ask me that’s no wonder. The businesswoman, activist, producer, director and above all American actress has gone through such an incredible change over the last couple of years.

So for me it’s no surprise that people are starting to wonder if Eva Longoria has had cosmetic surgery. There’s even a professional plastic surgeon who claims that Eva has decided to go ‘under the knife’.

According to different media sources Eva probably has had several surgery enhancements. These include a breast augmentation and lip injections. So let’s ‘dive in’ a little bit further to discover what is true about all of these rumors regarding the famous ‘Desperate Housewives’ actress.

What’s true about Eva Longoria’s surgery enhancements?

After all of these rumors regarding Eva you probably start to wonder what’s fact and what is fiction. There are too many stories and little to no answer to the question if the rumors about Eva’s surgery are true.

Therefore we will first of all address the details of the rumors. And at the same time give you an insight in the opinion of Eva herself, the plastic surgeon and our vision. So that you will be well informed and can come up to a conclusion.

Eva’s opinion

Well, let me first tell you that Eva publicly said that she is not against cosmetic surgery. In addition she said that she personally would never choose to have surgery. According to Eva the main reason why she would never consider a surgery treatment is because she’s afraid of needles.

Eva says that she rather spend her time on; eating healthy food, exercising regularly and using make-up, to stay young.¬†Instead of choosing to have surgery. She also says that it’s not necessary for her at this time in her life.

Seems like a pretty reasonable explanation right?”

The conclusion of the plastic surgeon

After her recent rumored breast augmentation Dr. Michael Salzhauer came with his own conclusion, which is a ‘bit’ different then Eva’s opinion. According to the Miami plastic surgeon Eva’s explanation just doesn’t “add up”, because there are indications of surgery.

He concluded that Eva probably had a breast augmentation. He says that she went from a small ‘A’ cup to a ‘C’ cup. Which is a size that perfectly fits her small figure.

Dr. Salzhauer didn’t say anything regarding the rumored lip injections.

Our conclusion to Eva’s rumored surgery enhancements

I have to agree that I don’t think it’s necessary for Eva to do something which is unnatural to keep looking the way she does. Although this doesn’t mean that I don’t think that Eva had surgery. Because there are reasons to believe that Eva doesn’t tell the whole truth.

For example over the last couple of years her breast size certainly got larger and her lips don’t look the way they did. Which is a clear indication of surgery.

There are sources who say that Eva often chooses to wear a push-up bra. This could be a logical explanation for her increased breast size. “And what about her lips?” A possible explanation for the change of Eva’s lips could be the use of make up.

The use of a push-up bra and proper use of different make-up might explain why Eva looks so much different than before. However I don’t think this explains it all. As she has went through a rather drastic change of appearance.

So therefore I would be the last who would be surprised if Eva confessed the whole story. “What do you as a reader think?”

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