Snooki Plastic Surgery Rumors Revealed

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before after snooki´s plastic surgery

Rumors go that the famous television personality Snooki has decided to have plastic surgery. The rumors started to became stronger in the months after Snooki gave birth to her second child ‘Giovanna Marie LaValle’ who was born on September 26, 2014.

From that moment on there has been a constant discussion between Snooki, the media, her fans and critics about her drastic loss of body weight. She lost the incredible amount of 50 pounds in body weight.

The huge amount of body weight that Snooki lost combined with the pace at which she lost the body weight  was enough reason for people to believe that Snooki had cosmetic surgery. Believe it or not but Snooki took the rumors about a possible surgery treatment as a huge compliment!

Snooki’s explanation of her rapid weight loss

We all know that after woman give birth to their child almost all woman have to deal with a new problem; they tend to be overweight. In order to get their figure back woman have two options; either choose to live a very healthy life style or ‘pay the plastic surgeon a visit’.

The above perfectly describes the nature of the rumor. Snooki says that her recent weight loss hasn’t got anything to do with surgery. Instead she says that in her successful attempt to get fit again she was following a very strict diet and didn’t drink any form of alcohol.

It did took a few months for Snooki to get in shape again. It looks like she’s even in a better shape than she ever was before. So whatever the cause of her recent weight lost was the result has been absolutely amazing.

We think that Snooki’s healthy lifestyle could be a perfect clarification for the reason why she’s in shape again after she gave birth to Giovanna. However there a lot of people who think otherwise.

Did Snooki have liposuction in order to get in shape again?

Now that we know Snooki denies having surgery to lose weight we’ll give you an insight in what some of her critics are saying. Most critics believe that Snooki has had a liposuction to get rid of her excess body weight she gained during her pregnancy.

We will give you a short description to the definition of liposuction for those of you who don’t know what a liposuction is. Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery treatment which removes fat from a persons body.

This is another possible explanation for Snooki’s rapid weight loss. However we believe that in Snooki’s case the liposuction rumors which the critics are spreading aren’t true.

The reason why we think these rumors are false is because Snooki weight loss didn’t happen in an unnatural pace. Although her weight loss was pretty fast, it took her several months before she was back in shape again.

In the case of a liposuction we would have seen an instant weight loss. This wasn’t the case for Snooki. So therefore we have to disagree with the critics.

Other surgery enhancements Snooki is rumored to have had

We want to inform you about all the ‘ins and outs’ regarding Snooki and surgery. Therefore we have to inform you about the other surgery treatments that Snooki is rumored to have had.

Apart from her rumored liposuction the strongest rumors regarding Snooki and surgery is about breast implants. Some people believe that Snooki had breast implants after her pregnancy. As a reaction to this rumor Snooki said that she might consider breast implants in the future, but not at this moment.

In the media there are also rumors about a possible nose job Snooki might have had. We don’t completely ‘rule those rumors out’, but we don’t have enough reason to believe that the rumors about breast implants and a nose job are true.

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