Rihanna Nose Job Before And After Photos

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rihanna before and after nose job

“Who doesn’t know Rihanna?!” The famous singer has a lot of fans from all around the world. There are many fans who adore Rihanna for her singing skills. Although Rihanna isn’t only known from her talent as a singer. She also has a body that many woman can only dream of.

Her perfect body makes us wonder if Rihanna did ‘pay a visit’ to the plastic surgeon. According to several surgeons Rihanna did have plastic surgery. So there is a good reason to believe Rihanna did have cosmetic surgery.

Has Rihanna had a nose job?

In particular the nose of Rihanna is subject of discussion. Some fans claimed that the nose of Rihanna was the only part of her body that could use some improvement. Rihanna must have thought the same. As it’s likely to assume that Rihanna did have a nose job.

Of course there’s a reason why we believe she may have had a nose job. The reason for this lays in the pictures of Rihanna. As the change of her nose can be best seen if you take a closer look at the pictures of Rihanna.

On the pictures you can see that Rihanna’s nose looks smaller than before. Although her nose structure looks completely the same. So it looks like Rihanna has got a smaller version of her natural nose.

Another reason why we think it’s true

And there’s another reason which makes us think that the gossips regarding Rihanna are true. The second reason has got something to do with the professional opinion of plastic surgeons.

There are several surgeons who say that Rihanna has had rhinoplastic surgery. If the professionals themselves are saying that the rumors are true then this has to count for something.

So the combination of the comparison of her before and after pictures and the opinion of professionals are the reasons we think the story isn’t just another rumor.

The result

The result of the surgery is amazing. Her nose looks a lot better than before. Now we can that she does looks perfect. Because there are no signs of imperfection whatsoever. So if the story is true the plastic surgeon really has done a good job.

There are even people on forums saying that they want a nose job like Rihanna. When it comes to cosmetic surgery we think there isn’t a bigger compliment that you can get.

Most people who want a nose job are scared because of the risk that’s involved with a rhinoplastic surgery (nose job). And of course it’s true that there’s risk involved with every kind of surgery.

So if anyone who wants the same nose as Rihanna could in fact get the nose of Rihanna then that would be great. Too bad it doesn’t work that way…

Has Rihanna had other surgery treatments?

There are many reasons to believe that Rihanna has had other kinds of surgery enhancements.

One of them is a story of years ago about her thinking that she had an over sized forehead. We all know this isn’t the case. But Rihanna went to the plastic surgeon anyway. The plastic surgeon told her that there was much risk involved wi

th the reduction of her forehead. So that’s probably one treatment that she didn’t have.

But if she went to the surgeon before, let alone for her nose job, it’s assumable to think that she went more than one time.

There are two treatments that a lot of people think that she has had:

  • Breast augmentation
  • Skin lightning treatment
  • “Do you think that there are more?’

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