Julianna Margulies Plastic Surgery; Fiction Or Fact?

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Julianna Margulies before after surgery

Julianna Margulies and plastic surgery seem to go ‘hand in hand’. Every month new stories appear in gossip magazines and on the Internet about the surgery treatments that Julianna might have had.

Actually we don’t find that strange at all. Most woman of her age don’t look nearly as young as Julianna.

It even looks like she doesn’t get older at all. That’s the reason why so many people are in doubt if Julianna’s body is still 100 percent natural or that she has chosen to enhance her appearance by having cosmetic surgery.

Read on for the full story about Julianna Margulies rumored cosmetic surgery procedure!

How Julianna went from Hollywood to surgery

For those of you who don’t know Julianna we will give a short introduction about her.

Most people know Julianna from her performance in the television series of ‘ER’. In the television series she has the role of a beautiful nurse called ‘Carol Hathaway’. She has also played in a television series called ‘The Good Wife’.

Her talent for acting combined with her beauty has certainly given Julianna the success she deserves. For her role as the nurse ‘Carol Hathaway’ Julianna has received an Emmy Award. She has also won an Emmy Award and the Golden Globe for her performance in ‘The Good Wife’.

You might think that her so far incredible career must have left some marks on her face. Well, we all know that this isn’t the case. Whilst Julianna already has had a respectable career she still looks as young and bright as in her early years as an actress.

This raises some questions amongst the public audience. On the Internet there are plenty of people who think that the absence of aging signs has something to do with surgery. Therefore we think it’s good to take a closer look at which surgery treatments Julianna is rumored to have had.

What kind of surgery procedures has Julianna had?

Julianna is rumored to have had several surgery procedures. These include but or not limited to:

  • A nose job (rhinoplastic surgery)
  • Botox injections
  • Face lift
  • Eyelid surgery

The surgery procedure which seems the most obvious one is her nose job. We can tell by looking at her pictures that nowadays her nose fits better with her face. It seems like this has got something to do with surgery.

However Julianna has never confirmed nor denied any of the gossips about a possible surgery procedure. Therefore we can’t confirm if the rumors are true.

The reaction of her fans, critics and media

Julianna has got a large fan base. Most fans absolutely admire her for her acting skills and beauty. From what we have read on the forums her fans are still defending Julianna saying that all of the rumors are false.

Julianna’s critics obviously think differently about the whole subject regarding Julianna’s rumored surgery treatment. They say that her change of appearance proves that she went ‘under the knife’.

The media agrees with the critics. Like we said before the gossip magazines can’t get enough of the rumors about the speculations of a possible surgery treatment.


It’s always hard to choose a side when the celebrity her- or himself doesn’t admit the rumor. It’s certain that Julianna still looks amazing for a woman of her age. It’s also certain that she has gone through several quiet remarkable changes of appearance.

But these changes are not enough to confirm that Julianna in fact had surgery. So we will leave this to your own judgment.

If you think that she has had surgery then you would like to ask you to leave a reaction below. And of course if you think that she hasn’t had surgery then we would like to know that as well!

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