Jada Pinkett Smith Plastic Surgery Before & After…

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jada pinkett smith before after surgery enhancements

Most fans were confused when they first heard that Jada Pinkett had plastic surgery. At first they didn’t know what to believe, which is totally understandable if you ask us.

There are so much rumors about Jada in the media that you instantly start to doubt about the fact if she did have cosmetic surgery or not.

Not only her fans were confused, also the public audience was wondering if the rumors about Jada were true. With all of the rumors ‘going around’ you begin to wonder what you have to believe.

We will help you by giving you a good insight in the whole Jada Pinkett Smith gossip story!

Jada’s recent change of appearance makes us wonder…

The reason why there is so much confusion is mainly because there isn’t that much proof that the rumors are true. When it came to Jada Pinkett Smith rumored surgery especially her cheeks are a point of discussion.

Jada’s facial area has changed over the last couple of years. And after looking at some pictures of Jada we have got to admit that the change in her face is significant. Especially her cheeks seem to have changed.

Her cheeks became a lot sharper. Now you can clearly see the lines of her cheeks, whilst before Jada had more ‘fat’ on her cheeks. So the bone structure of her cheeks became more visible.

It’s pretty common for woman that when they age the lines of their cheeks becomes more visible. Generally the reason for this is because woman tend to lose their ‘baby fat’ over the years.

So this could be a reasonably good explanation in the case of Jada. However we don’t think this explains it all. Losing weight due to exercising would be another reasonable explanation to her recent changes in her facial area. You see; a lot of unknowns…

Did Jada Pinkett Smith have cosmetic surgery to improve her looks?

There’s no straight forward answer to the question if Jada has had surgery. There are too much questions and too little answers if you ask us. Anyone who says that she did have surgery must have based this on a comparison of her pictures over the last couple of years.

Critics are saying that Jada’s recent change of looks is the result of cosmetic surgery. According to those critics she probably had cheek implants or at least cheek filler injections.

Whilst this may be true for some celebrities who suddenly appear in the media with more defined cheeks we don’t think that this is the right explanation for Jada’s recent change.

We think that the explanations we gave before, which include exercising and getting rid of ‘baby fat’ over the years, are more likely to be true.

Whet ether the rumors are true or not Jada herself still denies every rumor that has something to do with cosmetic surgery. And if we have to believe Jada then she has every right to do so.

The result

Jada was always considered as a beautiful woman. And she still is without any doubt a beautiful woman. But if the rumors are true then the interesting question is if Jada’s surgery treatment made her more beautiful?

Certainly not everyone would agree that the result of her rumored surgery treatment made her more beautiful. According to some people it even looks somewhat unnatural. To those people her cheeks show too much of her bones and look too sharp.

We don’t fully agree with those people. Yes, her cheeks do show her bone structure more than ever before, but we don’t find it really unnatural.

“Do you think that Jada’s cheeks look unnatural, let us know!”

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