Charlize Theron Plastic Surgery Before & After Photos

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charlize theron before after cosmetic surgery

If you are a fan or a critic of Charlize Theron you might have already heard about the gossips. The Charlize Theron plastic surgery gossips are currently stronger than ever before. You might question yourself if these gossips are true.

At first sight it doesn’t look like Charlize had cosmetic surgery. But if you have been following her for a while then you might think differently. As Charlize went through a change of appearance lately. But the question remains if her appearance changed due to surgery or not.

Celebrities are more often than not rumored to have had surgery. However not all of the rumors necessarily have to be true. Especially if you are as young as Charlize. Who is currently only in her thirties.

This is a relatively young age to make the decision to go ‘under the knife’. Most celebrities don’t have major surgery treatments until they are in their forties or fifties.

This makes it even harder to decide if Charlize had surgery or not. Maybe her change of appearance doesn’t have anything to do with it. So let’s ‘take a further look’ together and find out if the gossips are only gossips or that they rely on actual facts.

Did Charlize Theron ‘go under the knife’?

Critics probably already have their conclusion ready when it comes to the subject of surgery regarding Charlize. There are even people who claim that Charlize went through a considerable amount of surgery enhancements.

According to the critics Charlize has had:

  • A nose job
  • Lip enhancements (lip fillers)
  • Botox treatment
  • Breast implants

It doesn’t seem very likely for a woman of her age to have such an amount of surgery treatments. So we don’t think that she has had the amount of treatments that the critics claim.

Especially the botox treatment doesn’t seem likely. As the skin on her face is still smooth. This has always been the case. Critics claim that exactly for the reason that her skin is so smooth the rumors have to be true.

Well, a combination of good genes and a healthy life style seem more likely to us. That ‘leaves us’ with the rumors about a nose job, lip enhancements and breast implants.

What rumors might be true?

For a celebrity of her age a nose job, breast implants and lip fillers are considered more normal procedures. Therefore these rumors could in fact be true.

We have been following Charlize for a while now and we have to admit that she has changed over the last couple of years, but we don’t think that the rumors about lip fillers nor breast implants are true.

The reason why we think these rumors are fiction is because we don’t see a major change in her breasts size nor her lips. If here breast size would have changed then we would have noticed it.

The same goes for her lips. Well, the appearance of her lips do change every time. But this could as well be the result of a change of lip gloss or overall make-up.

So what about her nose?

The only thing that really is remarkable and can’t be easily changed due to make-up is the change of her nose. Some people believe that Charlize might had a nose job. After following her for a while we have to agree that this is the rumor that seems to make the most sense. As the look of her nose has changed the most.

Charlize herself still denies everything that has anything to do with surgery. If, for example, an interviewer ask something about the subject of surgery she tries to ‘laugh it away’.

“Do you think that she has enough reason to laugh the rumors away?”

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